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  • If you are the person who has to represent your business to your target market who were about to place an order with you or one of your competitors, can you sell?
  • As a rule we like to buy, not to be sold to.
  • To improve your chances of success your proposal needs to match the problems you uncovered during fact-finding, therefore, in preparation for your final proposal it is essential that you have a list of questions to ask at earlier meetings to find out your prospects needs.
  • You cannot simply “show up and throw up” your standard presentation to every prospect.
  • The doctor will not simply write you a prescription before fully investigating your symptoms which you will explain, you must do the same, ask questions, gather information and create a proposal highlighting the benefits of your products and services in the context of the problems you uncovered during fact-finding.
  • Remember, we always sell benefits, not features, customers don’t care how we do what we do, they only want to know what are the benefits to them of our products and services, i.e. Radio WIIFM (what’s in it for me).
  • At some point in your presentation the client may demonstrate an interest by;
  • Asking for clarification on some aspect of your proposal.
  • Ask for revised terms.
  • Ask about revised specification.
  • Any such interest is a buying signal, something you have said has caught the attention of your prospect and they want to hear more, once that happens this is an opportunity for you to concentrate on that aspect of your presentation and try and close the sale.
  • There are numerous methods to closing a sale, find one that you are comfortable with.

Many sales people do not get the business because they simply fail to ask for the order.

  • If in your attempt to close the sale you are faced with one or more objections you need to listen very carefully to the wording of the objection. Qualify with your client what the exact objection is and that this is the only objection and ask another closing question i.e. “if I can deal with this matter to your satisfaction can I have the order”.
  • When you ask the question do not speak until you get a response.
  • If you do not succeed in getting the business try and get as much feedback as possible as to why, this information may provide you with one final opportunity to close the sale or at least help you when you are quoting in a similar situation again.
  • One of the most important KPI’s of any business is the conversion rate of enquiries to orders.
  • Track the number of enquiries you convert to orders to establish your conversion rate, if you can also establish what an average order is worth you will be able to calculate the cost to your company of the enquiries you are not converting.

Finally, do not get disheartened if you do not close the sale at the first attempt, many sales can take five or more attempts to close – Don’t Quit!


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I must pay tribute to the excellent work of your team at Printcom, the products and design were of a high specification, the prices were competitive and the design fully understood my needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Printcom to any of my colleagues. -Andrew McCann Citizens Information

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