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It is estimated that there are up to 3,000,000 blogs posted every day, if that’s true then how do you get heard or noticed. 

What is blogging? 
It’s described as a place to express yourself to the world, a journal or diary that is on the internet! 
So why a blog? 
Before you begin blogging set clear objectives.Blogging allows us to tell our story to the marketplace, some of the most powerful words in the language of presenting are “I want to tell you a story” we all love stories, or “I want to tell you a secret”, we love the feeling of being confided in, so if someone decides to share a secret with us we pay attention. 
Blogging is about communication, it’s about getting noticed, and it’s part of the Attention and Interest from the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) marketing strategy. 
A word of warning - your blog may be competing with one of the other 3 million blogs posted today, your challenge is to get heard or noticed so do as much research and preparation as possible into the content of your blog and your target audience to make sure that your blog achieves your desired objectives. 
Some benefits of blogging; 
• Allows you tell your story to your target audience. 
• Establish yourself as an expert in your field. 
• Reach out and solve problems. 
• Helps SEO. 
• Create and build brand awareness for your business. 
• Expand your network – A smart person knows everything, A wise person knows everyone. 
• Improves your writing skills. 
• 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers according to the HubSpot. 
• The best blogs have a headline, tell a story, and have a call to action and a deadline. 
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